Change for good

Making lasting changes to your health can be hard. Here are some steps that can help. Choose what you want to change. Be SMART - set, and write down, goals that are:

Specific - Rather than 'get fit', a better goal would be 'to take a brisk walk after lunch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays'.

Measurable - Set goals that can be measured. 'Get fit' is hard to measure, but it's easy to know if you walked for half an hour on Monday, Wednesday and Friday or not.

Achievable - Start small and set goals that are within your reach.

Relevant - Choose changes that make sense for you.

Timely - Set a target date. Without one, it's easy to put off making the change. And give yourself a (healthy!) treat when you achieve a goal.

Remember, things won't always go your way, but keep at it and you'll find that you can start to make small changes for the better.