Partners of Steps for Stress

Steps for Stress is supported by the following the following organisations

Royal College of Nursing BMA Scotland Royal college of psychiatrists

Endorsing the campaign, Theresa Fyffe, Director of RCN Scotland, says, "Stress is a very relevant issue right now and this campaign can help people to find ways of making themselves feel better. Nurses and other health professionals – particularly those working in community and primary care – have a crucial role to play in raising awareness of the effects of stress, and in supporting people to identify and respond to their own signs of stress before more serious health issues result."

Dr Sally Winning, Deputy Chairman of the BMA in Scotland, said: "Stress can open the door to a whole host of physical and mental problems that can affect individuals in the short and long term so it is important that people know how to recognise when they are stressed and to learn how to cope with stress in a healthy way.

"BMA Scotland therefore welcomes and supports the 'Steps to deal with stress' campaign which offers practical ideas that people can easily incorporate into their day to day lives."

Endorsing the campaign, Peter Rice, from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said: "The Royal College of Psychiatrists is delighted to support the Steps for Stress campaign. Everyone needs to think about how to achieve and keep good mental health. Taking time to understand the demands we face, identifying and coping with problems better, using support from those close to us and using outside help when we need it are important steps in maintaining our ability to live life to its fullest.

The British Psychological Society Royal College of general Practitioners NHS - health Scotland

Psychologists working in the NHS in Scotland see many people who develop psychological problems because of stress. Most of them will be referred for help by their GP. The Steps for Stress campaign will help people to recognise and cope with stress before it leads to more significant problems. This is very important both for individuals and for public health in Scotland. The Division of Clinical Psychology is delighted to have had some involvement in developing materials for the campaign and we strongly support its aims.

Dr Frances Baty
Chair, Division of Clinical Psychology in Scotland

Dr Ken Lawton, Chair of Royal College of General Practitioners Scotland, said: ‘Stress can affect all people, from all walks of life and it can have a very negative impact, affecting our physical and mental health.

This can result in unhealthy behaviours such as drinking too much alcohol, smoking, inactivity and poor diet. This new campaign will offer individuals an opportunity to feel better and more confident about tackling issues or problems they may have. It will also help them to develop new skills to prevent stress in the future.

Wendy Halliday, Programme Manager for Mental Health Improvement, NHS Health Scotland, said: ‘Being able to cope with stress is important for us all. Stress can be caused by a wide range of factors but there are many options that we can take to reduce its effects. Steps for Stress can help people to explore ways to improve their wellbeing and increase their resilience to negative influences.’