Why do I feel like this?

Our bodies usually cope well with short-term pressures, but too much stress for too long can make us unwell. Most people can find the get-up-and-go they need to deal with a crisis. But what if the crisis doesn't go away?

We can be so busy dealing with problems that we don't notice we're stressed. Our bodies have to keep on coping in the same way.

These are some of the signs of long-term stress:

  • Being unable to get sleep so that we're tired through the day
  • Eating more "comfort foods" which are full of fat and sugar
  • Having less energy to take exercise
  • Not feeling motivated to see people, or get things done
  • Memory and concentration can get worse
  • Our immune system weakens, increasing the risk of coughs and colds
  • Back pain, headaches and stomach and bowel problems are more common too